Good vibes, easy music, infused cocktails COMPLETE WITH A FULFILLING dinner.
Art & music is paired with premium herbs and a beautiful sunset.
  • Where do this happen?
    You know, you know.
    A cannabis-friendly location in Manhattan
  • When does this happen?
    September 17, 2022.
    This is an all-day event to elevate your cannabis knowledge and consumption experience
  • How much does this cost?
    Registration by invite only.
    This is a private event.
  • How many people will attend this session?
    Registration by invite only.
    Limited to 50 seats.
Spend an entire day learning about THC, CBD and cannabis culture. Meet NYC’s food, drink, and cannabis specialists as you tour through several essential details (strains, infusions, & effects) stopping for delicious bites, refreshing beverages, potent pre-rolls, and iconic photo-ops while discovering New York City's cannabis history.
For good vibes, energy and, sauce
Start your day with a Cannabis coach; a guide that will deliver the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Paired with Yoga, your morning ritual is up for a reset.

The Sunrise session unlocks a 5-day wellness guide to wake up with the sun.
The GOAT In-Between
Meet cannabis experts through the day; step out as needed - the show goes on.
Ask questions - We've got master growers and cultivators that happen to be Crypto Degens. Experience local food/drink/cannabis and NY hospitality at its finest.
Photo-ops for your archives
Get your photo clicked at the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge, Pebble Beach and Jane's Carousel/Brooklyn Bridge Park and undiscovered locations.
Whether “puff, puff, pass” is your daily mantra or you’re simply canna-curious
We’ve culled the coolest in cannabis NYC experiences and put together a handy dandy dank list of food sure to sate-iva your “highest-end high.”
Cola x NYC Badges
Claim your DAV and get access to the Cola community. Plan your next visit.
You have a place to bring the vibe, share the energy, and drop sauce in NYC.
Powered by the Cola Team
We are a team of licensed tour guides that aim to educate with entertainment and fun.
Our aim is to provide a positive experience as we undergo a cultural shift that surrounds cannabis wellness, and the need to empower and educate consumers.

Recreational cannabis is legal in New York.
Reserve a spot & grab a seat at our next experience in NYC
Get treated like fam when you show your Cola DAV.
Text CANNA TOUR to +1 (415) 936-7377 and reserve a seat.