17th SEPT / 2022; 7 pm
Bud Trimming Party:
Crypto Vibes
You're invited to the a cannabis bud trimming experience in New York City! This is an opportunity to custom-trim your own premium indoor cannabis flower.
What to expect at a Cola bud trimming event?
Bud Trimming Experience
Dome Experience
Infused and Non-Infused Appetizers
14 Grams of Untrimmed Buds
We will rendezvous at
7:00 pm on Tuesday, September 17th
at a private venue with an outdoor space in Midtown Manhattan.
The Trim Experience / September 17, 2022
Meet & greet crypto canna enthusiasts
7 pm - Check-in, get settled, shop, and smoke.
*Meet our partners & community members
* Network at the experience zones
* Get your one of a kind DAV
The trimming & dining
8:00–8:30 A cannabis coach will provide you with guidance while you trim your harvest.
8:30–9:00 Enjoy a 3D NFT * Cannabis Photo exhibition
9:00-11:00 Roll, puff, eat, drink, chill, network, and vibe.
The Afterparty
9:00 pm onwards Music & solo artist performances
Chill indoors or outdoors, make new friends, puff, and enjoy some tunes.
All attendees will have their own trimming kit with scissors, gloves, storage jar,
There will be infused and non-infused appetizers, a rolling station, candy bar, marketplace, and a DJ, plus a fully stocked soft drink bar with infused and non-infused beverages to keep you hydrated.
We will be puffing down on the outdoor rooftop terrace so everyone can hit up the rolling station and enjoy the beautifully trimmed flowers we just created together!
New York City's 1st Bud Trimming Party Highlights Reel
The Cola Co-Op is a cooperative of growers, producers, and event planners who showcase high-quality cannabis products and experiences to New York City.

Access a half-ounce of premium untrimmed indoor buds that are currently flowering beautifully. These ladies will be harvested and cured in the perfect time for your handiwork. The strains we provided are Blueberry Muffin and Vanilla Frosting, both grown from Humboldt Seed Company clones.
In accordance with NY state law, all cannabis products are provided complimentary to event ticket holders. No cannabis sold.