finest ingredients. freshest herbs.
finest ingredients. freshest herbs.
Get the Sushi Wrap & Roll Experience
Learn to roll sushi and a doobie.
You will be supported by a chef & a budtender.
July 1, 2022, 7pm
A studio in Manhattan
1 ticket — $119
During this experience, you can immerse yourself in Japanese culinary culture and New York City cannabis.
Learn how to crush ingredients, discover rolling secrets, and meet fascinating people.
Join us at a cozy studio, surrounded by pleasant people.
At the workshop, you will prepare authentic sushi rolls from the finest ingredients and freshest herbs.
7 pm
7 pm
Meet the sushi chef and cannabis coach.
The chef & coach will give you a walkthrough of sushi rolling & a cannabis introduction respectively. We offer all of the ingredients and herbs for tasting.
7:45 pm
7:45 pm
Learn to roll your sushi & herbs.
With the help of our expert rollers, you will spread, layer, tuck, and roll your way to sushi nirvana. And with the help of our professional joint rollers, you will learn all of the tips and tricks needed to whip up consistently perfect joints at home.
8:30 pm
8:30 pm
Smoke your rolls & eat your sushi.
After creating your perfect sushi and joints, eat & smoke with your friends!
You learn to hand-roll a dispensary-professional quality joint packed with the herb of your choice — you’ll get grams before we start.
After perfecting your spliff, it’s time to head outside and puff in the designated smoking area before returning to the classroom to enjoy your sushi.
  • Kate Milton
    I didn’t expect this workshop to be so lively and interesting. You roll from scratch, therefore, you remember all the easy ways that you can then apply at home by yourself. I am very pleased!
  • Bob First
    The first thing I liked about the masterclass is the cozy atmosphere, as well as everyone's vibe. I have long been fond of Japanes cuisine, but this time I learned a lot of new things! ;)
  • Amily Hamilton
    I'm very glad that my friend and I had decided to go for the Cola experience Sushi rolling workshop. I learned a lot of subtleties and secrets of rolling. Besides, the cannabis coach suggested how to pick a strain for me.
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JULy 1 2022, 12pm onwards | Culinary studio IN MANHATTAN
Buy a ticket for a culinary and cannabis master class & become a "rolling master"
The masterclass costs $119 per person
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