Justin S. Landers
Just Shoot Light Multimedia Productions
Justin S. Landers started learning about multiple forms of media at a young age, feeding an obsession for film, music, and photography early in life. Through High School, Justin focused on concerts, audio engineering, and sound design in any form possible - school bands, plays and acting, sports events, and jobs in local music venues. Upon graduating Justin joined the army, and in 2012 after leaving the US Army with hearing loss and tinnitus Justin picked up a camera and started heavily focusing on photography and cinema work that would later expand to include the use of FPV and cinematic drones. Justin now owns Just Shoot Light Multimedia Productions and has worked with a team on a variety of jobs including major professional sporting events, music festivals and concerts, music videos, advertising commercials, films, and more. With a passion for theme parks and roller coasters, Justin and the team at Just Shoot Light Multimedia Productions have provided marketing content and media to major parks across the United States. Justin travels full time in an RV, capturing beautiful landscape images wherever possible - and printing them in unique formats such as Glass and Metal. Having done art galleries and displays in major cities across the country, having a passion for technology, and a love for exploration and learning Justin has dived head first into crypto and NFT technology to bring unique utility to photography NFTs by authenticating physical prints on the blockchain and more. To learn more read the roadmap

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