Enjoy VR Wireless Headset RentalS AT YOUR New York City EVENT
Elevate your event experience with VR Headsets
Get a Oculus Quest Rental station at your next event in New York City
We come out to your event and setup your VR stations
Setup a Virtual Reality Experience with a Oculus Quest station.
Make your Oculus Quest Rental stand out from the rest
Controller of an Oculus Quest 2 VR set are included with rental
Each of these headsets come with fully immersive games
It’s as easy as putting on one of our VR Headsets and we do the rest.
VR Headset Features
  • 1832 × 1920 resolution to each eye
  • Snapdragon XR2 processor and 6GB of RAM
  • 256GB of internal memory for apps and media
  • Includes two touch controllers
Your VR experience is insured
Our VR headsets are insured, and this ensures a safe experience for users and the event owner.
Rapid deployment of a VR coach
After a booking, a team member will facilitate the number of VR experts required.
Experience Virtual Reality at your next event
Select date of event and duration of service
Share the date of the event, and the number of hours you need the VR experience.
Rental type and contract signing
Select the type of rental - day or minutes & select any additional services you may need.
Pre-check at event
We come out to your event, find a suitable location, and setup your VR stations.
VR Experience delivered
Your guests experience a 360-degree view of entirely new worlds where they interact with and often manipulate the environment.
We create unforgettable VR rental experiences for all ages!
Transport yourself to another world
Client testimonials
VR experiences we've delivered
We enjoy working with web3 companies, crypto events, art galleries, and NFT communities.
An average 100+ attendee event typically needs about 10 VR headsets.
The final price is calculated according to the number of attendees & VR headsets required at the event.
Additional information that can help us provide an accurate quote:
By clicking the button, you consent to a team member reaching out within 24 hours.

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned before & after each use.

Service is available in New York City only.
Tel: (415) 936-7377